The Miami seminar is booked for Jan. 24-26, 2014, at the James L. Knight International Center located in the center of midtown Miami at 400 SE Second Ave.


The First 2014 Conference – Freedom Event Miami for Empower Network

My Internet Marketing Company Empower Network has been announcing that Miami is it’s next destination and will be held in January 2014.  Last July 2013, the Company hosted a nationwide seminar in Denver, which brought 6,000 members and a huge flow of money to the local area. Empower Network expects comparable numbers for Miami in 2014 which will be the most transformational event that has ever been done.

Due to the Empower Network Events being so popular and the Company’s growth they decided to hold 4 regional events in it’s fourth quarter this year. Anaheim, Washington, Dallas and Orlando where the places picked to host these smaller Events. Check out this short video here

The first 2014 freedom event Miami however will certainly be a conference to remember.

I am so excited already as this is will be my first event to remember and I can't wait to meet my team members and other Empower Network members and hangout with them.
Most importantly shaking hands with the co founders of Empower Network - David Wood & David Sharpe

I got my ticket see below image :)

Check out this awesome Venue for the Freedom Event Miami

Empower Network provides 6 one-of-a-kind business, advertising and marketing software and tools, featuring its signature blogging device ENv2 or the Blog Beast, Media Hosting, and premium training products either for individuals who want to learn how they can learn the skills of marketing online or for small Business’s to promote their business, products or services.

The Empower Network headquarters is based in Florida and owners
David Wood and David Sharpe started Empower Network in 2011 to empower individuals and small business owners to learn how to market using their simple custom sales funnel that highly converts.


The Freedom Event Miami will yet again go down in history as definitely one of the hottest places to be in 2014!


I do encourage you to watch the video below on 
How To Get Traffic? By The Founders of Empower Network David Wood and David Sharpe

I hope you enjoyed the above video... I actually would love to hear your opinion on the video?

As you know by now I got my tickets to Miami. So all you need to do is make a decision to join this army of people right now and I will see you in Miami at the event shaking your hand. 
Master the different type of skills you have or learn the new types of skills you want to learn. This event will not be repeated; in other words this is your opportunity right now to join the Freedom Event In Miami.

If you haven’t started to use the Viral Blogging System yet than get yours HERE then you will automatically have access to purchase tickets to the Freedom Event Miami.

You're at the right place at the right time, 2013 is behind you, 2014 is your time to create a success story.  

You will succeed, dont give up.

I look forward to connecting with you very soon!

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